Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Equestrian Clothing ~ Colour magic!

Colour magic!

Equestrian clothing used to be seen as purely practical - outfits that you were not proud to be seen in on the school run, or when popping to the shops, post-ride! But now, thanks to creative designers and advanced technological materials and styling, today’s riding tops, breeches and other items of horse-riding apparel are smart, sassy, fit-for-purpose and form-flattering.

But what about the colours? Surely horsey clothes in lighter colours will get dirty - so dark colours rule? And don’t technologically-advanced materials like Polyamide and Elasthane shrink in the wash, or become ‘bobbly’ after frequent washing? Not necessarily - choose a high-tech item, whether riding top or breeches, that washes well at thirty degrees, and hang your garments to dry instead of tumble drying, and they will last and last, and retain their shape.

Top style tips - matching your breeches to your accessories

Yes, we all know that colour coordinating saddle cloths, head-collars, bandages, ear bonnets and protective boots for horses and ponies are definitely still popular! And if you want to do ‘matchy matchy’ with your breeches, then Derriere’s gorgeous navy Treviso Training Breeches will work well with all of the equestrian accessories brands. As a grown up, you may not want to colour-match exactly, however - tonal dressing and coordinating is even bigger news than ‘matchy matchy’ - so why not start with your breeches, and work backwards from dark blue? Tonal coordinating means using multiple shades of the same colour. It gives polished and ‘pulled together’ look, and you can be sure than all tones within a colour will go together. It’s also a more grown up way to rock the single-colour accessorising, starting from your smart, dark blue Treviso Training Breeches.

Style advice - choose pretty pastels

Every spring and summer, the fashionistas declare that pastel shades are de rigour. Here at Derriere Equestrian, this is something we have known about for a long while! Pastels go with most human skin tones and work beautifully with the staple of equestrian dressing, the colour navy. We love the concept of colour blocking with lighter, solid shades against a darker shade, making interesting and complementary colour combinations with our riding wear.

A good example is wearing our navy Treviso Training Breeches with a turquoise ‘Pocket Skin’ riding top - the Pocket Skin garments not only look good, but provide all round upper body support, comfort and climate control technology, with their moisture wicking, all-way stretch fabric. You will be in good company if you choose this pretty, green-blue colour - turquoise is officially making a comeback (if it ever went away!), with Valentino and Nina Ricci highlighting this beautiful hue in their fall-winter 2017 / 2018 runway fashion shows; and the famous Pantone Spring 2018 Fashion Trend Report giving a nod to the colour as one of 12 ‘call out shades’. You will find Derriere’s take on the colour turquoise a beautiful, soft, wearable shade.

If you want a different look, stand out from the crowd in our lovely white Cannes Competition breeches; they’re designed to promote optimal comfort and performance (and, like all our breeches, work in harmony with the Derriere undergarments, to eliminate chaffing). Pair with a coral-coloured ‘Pocket Skin’ for a pretty, summery look that ticks the fashion boxes! Again, the Pantone Spring 2018 Fashion Trend Report highlights coral as a key colour, describing their favourite as ‘blush coral pink’, with ‘subtly alluring’ qualities and ‘an understated appeal!’

We’d love to see your summer riding looks, so do share your pics with us on our Derriere Equestrian Facebook page, or drop us a message via the page! 

Sunday, 10 June 2018

The thigh’s the limit! The Dressage Rider's Thigh Position

The thigh’s the limit

The dressage rider’s thigh position is one of the first things we notice, when observing them ride; long, loose and relaxed, in a very good rider - or tense, forward and tight, in someone who is still learning their craft. A relaxed, long thigh, starting at the hip flexor, pulls the horse rider’s seat bones down into the saddle, creating a deep seat, and adding security in the saddle - it helps create an independent seat, which is imperative for influencing the horse. A good flatwork position sees the thigh lying flat against the saddle, with a slight inward rotation at the femur joint, e.g. at the top of the thigh-bone. The horse rider’s knees and toes can then point comfortably forward.

Conversely, in a less confident or experienced dressage rider, the thigh may be ‘gripping’, the upper leg may be positioned too far forward, and the rider may also have tight adductor muscles (situated at the inner thigh). This is actually extremely common in many riders, which is why many elite riders undertake activities like Pilates, Yoga and stretching, to improve flexibility, and combat tight muscles. This ‘gripping’ can push the rider off the saddle, rather than allowing the ideal, deep seat.

A relaxed thigh

Dressage rider and Derriere Equestrian ambassador, Avril Clinton-Forde, says that once you have achieved a long, relaxed thigh, there’s little that this area of the upper leg has to actually ‘do’.Maybe it’s just my horse, but my thighs would rarely be consciously used,” she explains. “They need to stay relaxed, so that other aids can be effectively used. For my mare Duchess, my seat is really important, as she is so sensitive. 

In order to use my seat correctly, my thighs need to be relaxed, so my bum is deeper in the saddle... one reason why Derriere Equestrian underwear is as important to me as my hat, when I’m riding!”

So, what does Avril feel is the cause of a ‘grippy’ thigh when doing flatwork? “Gripping usually happens out of fear, and also being told to ‘sit still’. To do sitting trot for example, you need to move your pelvis with the horse, and flex your lower leg; you can’t do this unless your thighs are loose. If you grip, you prevent the pelvis from ‘rolling’, and you take away the power in your core; this ‘power’ helps the pelvis move. If you grip, your sitting becomes bouncier, you then grip more to stay on, and you make it worse! Also, by gripping, your lower leg will start to rise, the horse will go faster, and voila, you have a less than elegant dismount at speed!” she adds.

Avril maintains that a relaxed thigh matters increasingly to us as horse riders as we move up the dressage ranks, in terms of allowing our lower back and pelvis to mobilise. “Contact with the horse’s back is so important, as naturally they respond to the pressures and weight changes from our seat. These tiny seat adjustments will help the horse move sideways, bend, speed up and slow down. For example, drawing yourself upwards from your pubic area (yes ladies, your ‘foofoo’!), and up into your core, to make yourself lift upwards, allows room for the rider’s back to mobilise. This will give freedom in the horse’s collected work,” she explains.

Finally, Avril adds that the rider’s hip flexors need to be free to use the leg aids. “Your legs guide the horse sideways, and if your thighs are tight, you affect the use of your hip flexors; these keep your pelvis loose while you put your leg aids in place,” she concludes.

If you want the perfect training breeches to compliment your dressage position, look no further than Derriere Equestrian’s streamlined Treviso Training Breeches. 

And don’t forget your padded riding underwear! “The Derriere Equestrian Performance Padded Panty has padding that cushions your bum and ‘lady garden’, making riding with your seat feel like silk knickers and summer breezes,” Avril says.

Avril Clinton-Forde contests dressage with her Irish Sport Horse mare, Grand Duchess - see her blog at

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Core beliefs By French dressage rider and Derriere Equestrian ambassador, Antoine Nowakowski

Core beliefs

By French dressage rider and Derriere Equestrian ambassador, Antoine Nowakowski

Without realising it, we all use our inner core muscles extensively, every time we ride our horses! These muscles are vital in establishing correct posture and position in the saddle, and are necessary for maintaining balance, especially if the horse were to trip or spook; therefore it is sensible to maintain fitness and flexibility in this area.

For example, when schooling, it is especially important to establish a correct, upright position in the saddle during downward transitions. It is very easy to slump forwards, drop the shoulders and look down, resulting in the horse tipping on his forehand, hollowing in the contact and often rushing and/or losing balance. If you feel your transitions are letting you down, revert to sitting trot, as this is almost impossible to perform well if your position in inadequate! To begin with, do it in bite size chunks, for instance between letters, or for half a twenty metre circle, so it is performed little and often; but what you do, you are doing very well. Once you feel confident and established, try to lengthen your time in sitting trot until it becomes second nature. This will improve your seat, balance, position and core muscles steadily over time; it will also make upward and downward transitions much easier to sit to, resulting in maintaining a soft outline and good rhythm.

Improving lower back strength
An excellent technique to improve lower back strength, inner core muscles and seat is to ride without stirrups. This will give you a deeper feel for the movement of the horse, and you will become more 'as one' with him. Again, little and often is the key; build up gradually to longer periods, and aim for the most advanced manoeuvres of upward and downward transitions without stirrups. If you can achieve this without loss of balance or bouncing, you can be sure that your inner core muscles are what you would wish them to be!

Exercising at home
You can help yourself further by dedicating even twenty minutes a day to simple home exercises such as doing planks, squats and sit-ups (obviously if your health, fitness and mobility allows), and you could join pilates or yoga classes. All fitness activities, e.g. running, swimming etc, although not solely useful for core muscles, will all help to achieve the level of fitness desired, as well as a more toned body. Horses are huge animals, and it takes many things to get the best from them and if you can achieve near-perfect control of your own body, that will go a long way towards managing the equine body beneath you.

As your fitness and core muscles improve, you will find your job in the saddle will become easier with less strain required; the whole picture will improve and the added bonus will be that your horse will be growing muscle and becoming a fitter more all round athlete, and better able to answer the demands needed of him.

Remember that when the rider is comfortable within the saddle, they can move more easily with the horse’s gait. Comfortable underwear and breeches are a must and the Derriere Equestrian range is designed for both men and women; it’s hard to find great riding underwear for men, but the DEPerformance Padded Shorty and the Performance Seamless Shorty both excel at their job, offering exceptional comfort and performance, in my experience! 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Man up! Positional pointers for male riders from Andrew Stennett BEF Elite Coach & Derriere Equestrian Rider

Man up!

We asked British Equestrian Federation Elite recreational coach and consultant, Andrew Stennett, BHSM Cert Ed FE UKCC Level 4, to share some positional pointers for male riders

All riders must learn how to acquire the correct riding seat and position; for men, but this expertise may need to be a little more specific and less generalised than perhaps it is for ladies! The male horse rider will quickly learn to adjust his position and body weight in order to protect his more tender areas. Some side effects of incorrect, ‘protective’ posture could be a hunched back, causing the elbows to stick out and an incorrect line of rein contact; the rider’s head tipped down and sideways; legs too far forward, and heels raised, rather than ‘deep’.

What does a good riding position entail?

Let us start from a good seat position, whereby you are sitting deep into your saddle on your seat bones. Automatically, you will have an improved contact and feel with the horse, allowing you to sit up straighter, pushing your heels down and encouraging depth and length of leg with weight into the stirrups. The correct picture is already beginning to form, and from there we can move on to considering the imaginary line from bit, to hand, to elbow. Next, we must ensure straight shoulders, and the head sitting straight and looking forwards.

It is important to maintain fitness and work on inner core strength. Ideally you need to be fit for the activity you are doing, and as you become more proficient, there will be less aches and pains as your body acclimatises to the routines you are performing. Trials and tribulations are to be expected but will be a very rewarding and satisfying challenge to work through! There are on-horse exercises to help you improve, such as sitting trot, riding without stirrups and lunge lessons.

Strengthening your back is an important process for any horse rider, and simple work at home can help, such as pilates, ‘planking’ (search online for ‘planking for horse riders’, for tips), some gymnasium equipment and correct weight lifting. Conversely, do be very cautious of causing back problems with the wrong kind of work, or exercise. Even cutting out bad habits in your daily routines would be a good starting point, e.g. carrying heavy weights correctly and sitting in an office chair with god posture.

A common mistake for male riders is often starting out with incorrect clothing; it is not only uncomfortable but could also be dangerous. Riding in jeans for example is likely to cause chafing of the legs. Men, in particular, need to be aware of these problems and also consider some of the wonderful riding underwear provided by DerriereEquestrian, as well as the fabulous competition and training breeches!

Ironically, once they become established riders, men generally end up with a deeper seat than women, which may give them more ‘stickability’ in the saddle, and perhaps goes some way in explaining why there are so many more male riders at the top of all the equestrian disciplines.

Andrew Stennett is a registered instructor, NVQ/UKCC Assessor & Verifier. He is a Qualified Teacher of further Education specialising in Equestrian Learning and Development, and is a British Equestrian Federation Elite Recreational Coach. 

Andrew is a fan of Derriere Equestrian products, telling us they make a big difference to his riding. “Derrieres enabled me to get back riding in comfort after a break, and they are helping me compete at the same level as in my youth,” he says.

When a rider is comfortable in the saddle, even at a subconscious level, they will ride with a deeper, more effective seat. Carl Hester MBE Brand Ambassador for Derriere Equestrian products believe in the underwear to such a level, he is famously quoted in saying
 “Every Rider Should Be Wearing Them”

The more comfortable and higher performing the padding is, the greater energy savings and better posture for the horse rider. On the contrary, discomfort can cause the rider to move in the saddle while trying to readjust their posture, interrupting the harmony between the horse and rider.

The Derriere Equestrian Range was developed by Claire Galer Equine and Human Physiotherapist. After years of working closely with horses and riders from grass routes through to Olympic level competitors, it became clear to Claire the need for such garments to fill a gap in the market for riders for technically designed performance underwear for equestrian sport. When conducting symmetry assessment with riders and working through product testing, the results and effects on rider position, comfort and resultant performance were quite phenomenal. 

When a rider is seated in total comfort and with products that are not visible to others through their breeches, yet offer luxurious padded support, a rider will ride more effectively and with a closer union with their horse. 

No need to worry about uncomfortable seamlines, underwear moving where it shouldn’t, Derrieres support riders to perform at their best.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

How thick is the padding in equestrian underwear?

How thick is the padding in equestrian underwear?

We are often asked about the depth and visibility of the padded underwear. The padded support system is made up of differing foam compression sets, these images highlight the differing density between the padded styles of the Boxer Shorty and the Performance Padded Panty.

At the thickest area of foam compression in the Boxer Shorty (Grey Pad) without compression, this measures 1cm. For the thickest area of the foam compression set in the Performance Padded Panty (Pink Pad) without compression, this measure 0.7cm.

These images highlight a cross section through the pad mid-line. The seatbone areas lateral to the mid-line section carry the higher density compression areas of 1cm and 0.7cm respectively. Thus ensuring the seatbones and tailbones are well supported in addition to the mid-line anatomy.

See for yourself why this underwear for riders is so essential for support and performance combined with the ability to be completely discrete and invisible to the eye through breeches.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Product Review ~ Equestrian riding underwear, performance, symmetry and balance


Product Review ~ Equestrian riding underwear, performance, symmetry and balance

One of the most overlooked items in a rider's wardrobe is the least visible but can become the bane of one's life. Yes we are talking UNDERWEAR! We take a look at the Derriere Equestrian Performance Padded Panty to discover why riders find this product invaluable to their comfort, performance and their sanity!
We frequently put our horses’ needs before our own and provide them with high quality equipment to maximise their comfort. We spend more time getting our horses comfortable than ourselves! Endless saddle fittings and alterations, new saddles, new saddle cloth, bigger bit, thinner bit, fatter bit, gel pads, poll guards, boots, bandages, summer rug, under-rug, heavyweight rug, hood … the list just goes on.

It clearly is time to address our own comfort whilst in the saddle. After all, it has been demonstrated and reported that appropriately selected underwear can in fact, affect a rider’s position and performance.

When a rider is comfortable in the saddle, even at a subconscious level, they will ride with a deeper, more effective, symmetrical seat.
The more comfortable and higher performing the padding is, the greater energy savings and better posture for the horse rider. On the contrary, discomfort can cause the rider to move in the saddle while trying to readjust their posture, interrupting the harmony between the horse and rider.
Carl Hester MBE Brand Ambassador for Derriere Equestrian products believes in the underwear to such a level, he is famously quoted as saying “Every Rider Should Be Wearing Them”
At an International workshop held at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, Dr Sue Dyson shared her clinical observations on the complexities of the diagnostic procedure when evaluating a possible role of the saddle and/or rider in cases that are presented for clinical evaluation of lameness, back pain or other performance problems. Dr Dyson’s studies showed a comparison of the saddle position and symmetry of riders may point to a primary problem in the way the horse has been ridden and trained. Furthermore, an intrinsically unbalanced or asymmetrical rider position may contribute to the development of equine back pain. Dr Dyson’s insights show that the horse is sometimes the source of problems that are manifest as asymmetries in the position of the rider, a highlighting point as to why all riders should select their undergarments carefully.

Ill-fitting underwear can cause great discomfort, including wedgies, rubbing, chafing, abrasions and last but not least cause the dreaded VPL (visible panty line).

So you may have been considering your new season equestrian wardrobe, new breeches, skins, competition clothing, riding boots, half chaps, even down to your socks! Let us ask you one question “When did you last look for decent underwear for riding?” Maybe, like many, you gave up long ago and resorted to finding your own alternatives ... such as boy's undies, cycle shorts, or, even going commando!

The dreaded VPL factor: Derrieres are the best for VPL minimisation This will depend on the fit of the underwear and the fabric of your jodhpurs. With the appropriate size fitting your Derrieres will be your perfect secret!

Derriere Equestrian launched in September 2014 and has since become renowned as the world leading equestrian underwear specialists. Available through 34 countries within over 250 retail shops. Derriere Equestrian offers high-tech, anatomically-designed, lasting underwear to protect and perform. Boasting invisible seams, wicking properties and high density foam resulting in perfection every time.

The DE Performance Padded Panty brief is the most popular choice for female riders, with the DE Bonded Padded Shorty following closely with the DE Performance Panty. For the male riders, the DE Bonded Padded Shorty is the lead choice.

The garments feel silky and soft to the touch, but most importantly, when on, they do not move. If you can make it through the day without thinking about something, then it's not bothering you, and that is the case with Derrieres.


The Jacquard Waistband trim is just over 1.5cm for females and 3cm for the male styles, so they not dig into the tummy, with a comfort support finish. The flat-stitched leg seams also do not dig and do not cause a VPL!

What are the benefits of riding with your Derrieres?

Scientifically designed for equestrian sport, to eradicate chafing, rubbing of seams and saddle sores.
The ultimate in riding support and comfort for female and male riders.  

Breathable fabrics and yarns, eradicating the adverse effects of materials that absorb perspiration causing chafing and irritation to the skin.     
Non-restrictive, supportive, light and extremely comfortable.

Stylish, designer brand.

Fabric removes perspiration, so you don’t feel the chill when you stop riding.    

Riding in Derriere Equestrian® underwear leads to a more effective, deeper seat and a more harmonious partnership between horse and rider. 
Scientifically designed Derriere Equestrian® Padded Support System.   
Derriere Equestrian undergarments are great for all sporting activities as well, as they feel like silk next to your skin, stay with your body when moving, and don't ride up.

An added bonus the unpadded range of Derrieres can be brought into service under evening-wear, they're sheer enough to not show under the slinkiest of outfits. Highly versatile and usable undergarment.

The development of a brand sense of pride in the product range has been paramount to the team at Derriere Equestrian. As a British Brand, supporting European and Tunisian industries, this has enabled DE to follow a code of ethics in production. Achieving the goal set out to provide; impeccable, high quality, effective products to the equestrian marketplace for all riding disciplines, coupled with excellent customer service and satisfaction.

Derriere Equestrian® ~ The Equestrian Underwear Experts. Innovative, scientifically designed, research and performance tested Equestrian Riding Underwear. The first in the world to have designed the Equestrian Padded Support System, ultimate comfort and support to create the perfect seat.


Market Leading Style For Riders


Derrieres ~ Your Perfect Secret!

The dreaded VPL factor: Derrieres are the best for VPL minimisation This will depend on the fit of the underwear and the fabric of your jodhpurs. With the appropriate size fitting ..........

your Derrieres will be your perfect secret!


Derriere Equestrian® ~ The Equestrian Underwear Experts. Innovative, scientifically designed, research and performance tested Equestrian Riding Underwear. The first in the world to have designed the Equestrian Padded Support System, ultimate comfort and support to create the perfect seat.

Empowering Riders To Feel Confident, Comfortable, Healthy and Stylish In Their Sporting Underwear.
Ultimate Comfort for the Perfect Seat

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