Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Soft, structured, supportive, bespoke #Derrieres will keep you in the saddle for longer this summer #2019 #Summer #Essentials

The 2019 Summer Season Is Upon Us

With comfortable style as our core ethos, Team Derriere Equestrian are to hand, to deliver to you, your ultimate riding underwear for a summer of fun, style and comfort in the saddle.


As we hurtle into summer 2019 and the start of the various competitive equestrian seasons, we can look forward to ensuring #Derrieres are providing performance underwear to riders everywhere.

Derrieres will certainly ensure in your chosen discipline, you are set well for high level performance and comfort whilst in the saddle this season. Be this: Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage, Hacking, Endurance, Polo, Vaulting, Trekking, Riding holidays and more. Derrieres are your secret to success! 

The 2019 Summer Season With Team Derriere Equestrian

Soft, structured, supportive, bespoke #Derrieres will keep you in the saddle for longer this summer #2019 #Summer #Essentials

We receive emails daily at the Derriere Equestrian HQ, asking for advice and support.

Examples of Equestrian's Underwear questions, requests and more ...... riders really do need there Derrieres!
  • Does your underwear prevent rubbing at the seam-lines? YES
  • Do Derrieres show a VPL? NO
  • Can you feel/see the padding? NO
  • Are they comfortable? YES (Of course!)
  • Do the padded products prevent rubbing at bony prominence's: seat-bones, tailbone, pelvic bones, pubic bones? YES
  • I need padded underwear that protects my TAILBONE, will Derrieres do the job? YES
  • I am just wondering whether your products provide padding for the pubic bone - or “front bottom” area? YES
  • I am experiencing chafing occurring while riding, specifically chafing lines down my buttocks that can become very painful, will your padded products help me and remove this underwear problem? YES
  • I do endurance riding, and no matter how I sit or which saddle or horse I am working with that day, I always come home with a very sore groin. I've had several people review my riding position and saddle, and apparently, there is not a problem with my seat or my saddle. Will Derrieres help? YES!
  • Please recommend the best product. Derriere Equestrian Performance Padded Panty or Derriere Equestrian Bonded Padded Shorty.
  • When riding my knickers often take on a mind of their own and move north or south creating a "wedgie!" Does your underwear move? NO.
  • Will your garments prevent the movement and stay in place in comfort? MOST CERTAINLY YES!
  • The area at the top of my thigh where thigh meets the buttock often gets rubbed from my underwear seam-line, do you have products to prevent rubbing in this region? YES - Derriere Equestrian Performance Padded Panty or Derriere Equestrian Bonded Padded Shorty. Also the unpadded range protect exceptionally well for those riders who do not require the padding: DE Performance Panty & DE Performance Seamless Shorty
  • I ride in your underwear and LOVE IT! I have the Performance Panty, Seamless Shorty and Padded Panty, would you recommend I try the Bonded Padded Shorty? YES The padding in the shorty gives a different support, feel and style, offering an alternative in your daily selection.
  • Do they last, do they wash well, are they worth the money? YES YES & OH YES!!


World leading design, award winning product. Lead selling garment in the Derriere Equestrian Range



Male & Female Style Designs

The Bonded Padded Shorty Style provides, solutions with style, for both the male and female rider.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Six things we have learned from sports bra research By Derriere Equestrian

Six things we have learned from sports bra researchBy Derriere Equestrian

Comfort and fit are key for mature women
A brand new (2018) study published in Ergonomics found that age and body mass index significantly affect breast characteristics, tallying with a previous study in the 2014 European Journal of Ageing that found that bras have a ‘social role’, in terms of one’s body perception and self-esteem. Just 7 % of the ‘mature’ women (45-65 years old) surveyed were ‘still proud of their breasts’. Of primary importance to those ‘mature’ participants included areas such as comfort, the bra's ability to stay in place, and optimal fit.

Comfortable straps are preferable, during exercise
A 2015 study published in Sports Medicine looked at bra strap width, finding that thinner straps offered least support, and the most amount of pressure.

Bigger boobs jiggle more (quelle surprise!)
A study published in Applied Ergonomics in 2013 studied what’s described as ‘bra-breast forces’ in women with large breasts while standing and running. Unsurprisingly, bigger boobs caused more ‘vertical breast displacement’. (That’s jiggle, to the rest of us). The researchers advised wearing sports bras with ‘high levels of breast support [during] physical activity [via a sports bra], to reduce force generation and breast discomfort’.

Elevation and compression boots comfort
A 2010 study published in Medicine and Science in Sports Exercise looked at bra design, concluding that elevation AND compression of the breasts is preferable to increase breast and bra comfort, when compared with a standard encapsulation sports bra. The team stated: ‘Exercise-induced breast discomfort was achieved through greater breast elevation and compression, with no increase in vertical breast displacement (jiggle!) [when the breasts were elevated].’

Compression bras aren’t necessarily comfortable for non-exercise situations
They’re not for everyone, but compression bras CAN work well for women with smaller breasts. A 2016 study published in Ergonomics found that, of the women studied, who were of Chinese origin (Chinese women average a 34B or 34A size), compression sports bra provided more ‘comfortable support’ than encapsulation sports bras, which give more separation and elevation. However, when the wearers were stationary, the compression bras were found to be more uncomfortable.

The majority of female sporting enthusiasts seemingly experience bra-fit issues
A study relating to participants in the 2012 London marathon published in the Journal of Sports Sciences found that three-quarter of participants reported bra fit issues, e.g. chaffing and shoulder straps digging in, with a higher incidence of issues reported by participants with larger breasts.

Naturally, Derriere Equestrian has taken all of the industry’s research into consideration with the design of our Sportief Bra, which boasts:

A fusion of encapsulation and compression in the sports bra, which is designed for horse riders.

An exclusive (non-underwired) cupping system designed to lift, separate, shape and support the rider’s breasts.

Shoulder straps featuring a padded support system.

An item that’s comfortable and flattering under clothes, both on and off the horse, and both in and out of the gym.

A wide range of sports bra sizes, with an enhanced ‘plus’ range coming soon.

Monday, 31 December 2018

As December draws to a close and the New Year starts afresh, 
we bid farewell to this years festivities and share with you our final Christmas tune of 2018!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Everywhere you go.
Take a look at my Derriere, breeches fitting with form and flair.
No seam-lines, that I know.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Decked in my Sportief Bra.
But the prettiest sight of course, me riding in comfort upon my horse.
Shoulders back, I’ll go far!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Soon the unwrapping will commence.
And the thing that will give me glee, Padded Panties under my tree.
I’ll be comfortably clearing that fence!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Derriere’s are my gifts this year.
Now in comfort, I’m right on course; take sitting trot again with my horse.

No more chaffing upon my rear!

Fairytale of New Pants (To the tune of Fairytale of New York)

Fairytale of New Pants 

(To the tune of Fairytale of New York)

It was Christmas Eve babe.
At the stable yard.
My husband looked at me. 
Pulling uncomfy undies from my rear.
And then he winked at me.
Said: ‘Performance Panties under the tree!’
I turned my face to him;
And dreamed about them.

I’ll be lucky this year.
With Derrieres on my rear.
I’m excited…
There’s a pair beneath my tree.
So Happy Christmas,
I love you baby,
If you’ve bought me Derrieres,
My dreams will come true.

When you’re up at the yard,
Wear great undies I’m told.
As the wind goes right through you,
It's no place for the old.
Performance Panty’s ideal,
For a cold Christmas Eve.
They promise, no seam-lines,
Are waiting for me.

They’re so handsome!
So pretty.
From stable to city.
Performance Panties
Mean riding is comfort once more!
Through my half pass I’m swinging,
In my travers, I’m singing,
I can halt at the corner
Leg yield to the right.
The yard girls, tanked up on snowballs with gin,
are singing ‘Galway Bay’,
And in lovely Derrieres, I’ll stay.

No sore bum! No sore junk. That high jump, I’ll slam-dunk.With the Padded Support System, I’m feeling fine.Padded Panty, no banter, As I go for a canter.Say goodbye, old grey undies, Pray god it's our last. Yard manager, serenading with Prosecco and Pimms, now singing ‘Galway Bay’. And the bells are ringing out For Christmas day!

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Derriere Christmas Tunes Continue Until 31st December! Daisy the dressage rider

Derriere Christmas Tunes Continue Until 31st December! 
Keep them coming .......

Daisy the dressage rider 
(To the tune of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer)

Daisy the dressage rider.
Had some very rosy cheeks.
And if you ever saw them,
You would wonder what she seeks.

All of the other riders,
Wondered why she often blushed.
Through her dressage tests and practice,
Daisy cut it short and rushed.

Then one foggy Christmas Eve,
Santa came to say:
"Daisy, with your cheeks so bright,
Try Derriere’s Sportief Bra tonight.”
Then her boobs they stopped jiggling;
And she shouted out with glee:
"No bouncing with my Sportief Bra;
It’ll go down in history!"

All I want for Christmas; pants from Derriere!

All I want for Christmas; pants from Derriere!
(To the tune of All I want for Christmas)

As a man, don’t crave at Christmas,
There is just one thing I need.
Derriere Performance Shorty,
Underneath the Christmas tree.

I don't need to hang my stocking
There upon the fireplace.
Derrieres would make me happy,
Comfort in my posterior place!

I just want them for my own.
More than you could ever know
Showing that you care…
All I want for Christmas,
Pants from Derriere!

I won't ask for much this Christmas
Horses are a drag in snow.
But riding in the Performance Shorty,
Up the centre line I’d go.

For a gift I’d love to send it,
To Saint Nick on Christmas Day.
Sure he’d love the Padded Shorties,
Sitting in comfort on his sleigh.

'Cause I just want them here tonight.
Holding my derriere, so right.
No seams are seen there,
All I want for Christmas,
Pants from Derriere!

Ode to jiggly boobs (To the tune of Jingle Bells)

Ode to jiggly boobs (To the tune of Jingle Bells)

Jiggly boobs, jiggly boobs,
Jiggle all the way.
Wish it were more fun to ride,
But my boobs get in the way.
Jiggly boobs, jiggly boobs,
Jiggly all the way.
I could hold my shoulders high,
Sportief bra on Christmas Day!

Dashing to the yard.
I’m up there every day.
Through the fields we trudge,
Not laughing all the way.
But there’s my lovely horse.
Making spirits bright.
Although I love to ride him,
My bra straps flop to the right.

Jiggly boobs, jiggly boobs,
Jiggle all the way.
Derriere Sportief Bra please,
So my boobs in place will stay.
Jiggly boobs, jiggly boobs,
Jiggle all the way.
Oh what fun it’d be to ride,
With my boobs snug every day.

Strolling to the ring.
Sportief Bra on today.
From A to C we glide,
Shoulders back today!
Encapsulation means
My spirits are now bright.
Now I love to ride my horse,
‘Cause my bra feels oh just right.

Supported boobs, feeling great,
Comfort all the way!
Derriere Sportief Bra on,
Thoracic support today.
Hey! Lift my boobs, encapsulate,
No jiggling now, today.
Riding with my head held high
A Sportief on Christmas Day.